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On the feeling of Suffering.

"Take pains,be perfect"- Shakespeare

So many people today want to have things easy; all they want to do is just enjoy the fruits and dismiss the labor. It is noted that young people today are use to getting all that they want in seconds and the need to wait can evoke pain. However, to really work on anything worth obtaining, one must go Thur some pain to acquire it. for example, Performing arts, where every skill learned had to be worked on for hours on end. To some only the thoughts of success and fame are all that concern them and the act of suffering for there love is just on worth there time. Suffering should be the proof that something is changing. That there is growth. To live in a world where you do not want to be perfect at something is just a waste of breath—Of Life!

Do not hide from suffering, it is what will make you stronger. To be able to be victorious in over-coming obstacle, no matter how small, will prepare you for when you really have to do battle.

Just get in to the habit of working hard, of putting yourself in situations to grow. ” what does not kill you, makes you stronger”